Better Security In Air Cargo Is A Competitive Advantage

Air cargo is among the most insecure elements in the aviation network.

Recent news stories about contraband smuggling at Taipei Airport, speculation that a Maersk-owned company became involved in illegal arms trading between North Korea and Egypt, and in many cases drugs trafficking by staff at London’s Heathrow Airport have outlined the spreading global risk.

This would mean that cargo providers are under progressively more extreme stress from specialists to complete a lot more than prior to to secure their growing freight volumes, as highlighted by the recent implementation in the UAE of a new Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) cargo security requirements process. The expense of such compliance, together with the additional time it requires to accomplish advance screening, signifies that airfreight professionals are in danger of shedding their speed of delivery USP.

The things they might not exactly know is which there are technology which could provide groundbreaking methods to tackle many of these key issues. New tools, for example blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence), automation and threat-detection technologies has decided to be accessible – with early adopters streaking in front of the field.

“Security is today’s critical emergency issue”

Despite the fact that immersion in these technologies will in the not-too-distant future revolutionise both the safety and the efficiency of worldwide air cargo transactions, security is today’s critical emergency issue. What you can do to offset the threats using what we currently have?

The actual barrier to adopting even today’s existing technologies is based on the huge variations in how technologies are used throughout the entire global cargo industry.

By way of example, despite the fact that there’s an express parcels industry which has been at the forefront of labelling, barcode scanning and in-line screening technologies, paper documents still play a crucial role in cargo handling in many areas of the planet.

This inconsistency signifies that electronic systems fail to incorporate with airline cargo management systems, for instance, creating problems when they’re trying to implement stricter security measures.

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However, by making use of today’s technology in a wonderful means, the air cargo industry can considerably assist in improving security, whilst it waits for the digital revolution to be fully implemented consistently across the sector.

This consists of using centralised, live monitoring of CCTV cameras; providing electronic verification of [paper] screening logs; blocking unscreened cargo from being built and manifested; and creating a complete auditable record of each shipment and its screening processes.

All of this is possible today, and all aspects are key components in the enhancement of air cargo security.

Online Payment Solutions for Companies

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To find out which settlement options are actually most ideal suited to your service, companies need to know the different alternatives on call to them.

Online Remittance Solutions

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